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Meet the Brothers

For us, we strive to meet our fans and create good friendships with the people we work with. To us, our fans are the number one focus, to see people in the crowd happy makes us happy. 
Music makes people gather together to have fun and take them away from regular life. Our goal is to do that with every song.


Singer, Business driver, Blue Collar worker. Jon Has been playing music all his life. He made his debut to the big stage at the age of 4 years old sawing with a fiddle and a bow. That night he scooped up a few awards of youngest fiddler and placing third in the contest! Since that day forward he strives to find a stage to play at. Whether it's just in the neighbourhood garage party or with Banned & Outlawed in his back pocket he's always in the mood to strum a tune on the Guitar. Jon can be found riding the 4-wheeler, snowmobile or writing and coming up for the newest thing for Banned & Outlawed.

Jon Hnatishin

Drummer, Business driver, Blue Collar worker. Dan Has been playing music starting at a young age of 4 also sawing the fiddle. Quickly after that he found his heart and soul in beating the drums. He has heard many times to quiet down but that doesn't stop him, his energy resonates throughout the Banned & Outlawed sound. Getting his name on the ballot for the Manitoba Country Music Awards "Drummer of the year" really pushes him to chase that name. Dan can be found working around the farm, beating on the drums or writing and coming up with the next idea for Banned & Outlawed.

Dan Hnatishin

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